Safe and efficient work in Vara with the Sennebogen 355E

In the town of Vara in Västgötland Sweden, is the newly opened super-modern Heljeved Recycling Centre, which receives waste from private platforms in Vara municipality. The facility, which is run by Waste & Recycling Skaraborg, covers 30,000 m2, i.e. an area the size of four football fields. Here, they have created a traffic-safe, sustainable and flexible recycling center that should be able to meet needs both now and in the future.

A simple and clear loop runs through the facility where customers drive on a 2-lane, horseshoe-shaped road, along which there are about 20 containers for sorting different waste. The plant's machines can work safely and undisturbed on the other side of the containers, completely separated from the customers, but still at ground level. The fact that the sorting area is laid out in one plane, limited only by painted lines and containers, not only provides good accessibility, but also makes it easy to adapt according to season and needs, with up to 30 containers for different fractions. You can also very easily make major layout changes in the event of future changed requirements. At Heljeved recycling centre, they have invested in a smaller type of waste container with a BM attachment, which customers can easily fill from the front, where the facility's staff help ensure that the sorting is correct. To empty the containers, they have invested in Sennebogen's Telehandler 355E, a multi-machine that is as big and strong as a wheel loader with the reach of a telescopic loader. The 355E also has a liftable cab, which gives the best possible view of the bucket. This makes the work both safer and more precise.

355 VARA maskin1

Waste & Recycling Skaraborg has five 355Es deployed at its recycling centers.

355 VARA maskin2

With the 355E Telehandler's cab raised, you can see down into the container or truck bed, which is a big advantage.



"It was three years ago that I saw one of OP System's ads for the 355 and thought it seemed to suit us," says Leif Lindqvist, who is operations manager for Recycling Centers West. "We previously had telescopic loaders for emptying containers, etc., and they were good when it came to range, but the problem was that you couldn't see the work area when emptying or, for example, when loading a car. With the 355's cab raised, you can see down into the container or truck bed, and that's a big advantage. It is also flexible and can turn around in a heartbeat. It is just the right size.” In addition to emptying containers, the 355 is used for several other tasks, e.g. moving materials (recycled wood, garden compost, etc.) and keeping the area tidy. For this, you have several different tools for the 355, such as a material bucket, planer bucket, hydraulic pallet lift and a sweeper.

 355 VARA Sanna

 ”I used to sit and look under the bucket to try to see the work area when emptying" says Sanna, who is a machine operator on the 355. Sanna has previously driven wheel loaders, but thinks the 355 is more flexible and agile. Not least the raiseable cab makes things much easier.

 355 VARA Leif L2

 Leif Lindqvist, who is Operations Manager, has previously driven a forest machine for 30 years, but since 2005 has worked with recycling.


The first 355 was ordered in 2020 and Avfall & Återvinning Skaraborg currently has five Sennebogen Telehandler 355E that safely and efficiently work with recycling work at various waste centers in Skaraborg. In total, they have 21 facilities and handle 13 of Skaraborg's 15 recycling centers and thus serve almost all of the county's municipalities. At Heljeved, 4 people work daily to help people with recycling. "For us, it is important that we work with service and that customers feel welcome," says Leif Lindqvist. "The goal is to sort out as much as possible and thereby minimize residual waste, we all win in the long run.”

355 VARA Thommy

Sanna, who is a machine operator at Avfall & Återvinning Skaraborg and Thommy Nilsson, OP System salesperson.

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The 355E Telehandler's telescopic arm provides a reach of 8.5 meters.


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