Crane Line - Sennebogen

SENNEBOGEN produces really high-quality cranes for construction, industry, ports, demolition and recycling, mining, etc. The range consists of Telescopic Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Duty Cycle Cranes and Port cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 300 tons.


Craneline Telescopiccrane


SENNEBOGEN is a leading manufacturer of crawler Telescopic Cranes, with over 25 years of experience in the design and production. The Telescopic cranes are the result of German engineering where quality, functionality and flexibility rise to a higher level. With load capcities of 16-130 tons, the cranes can drive and telescoping under load. High flexibility, easy to move between construction sites, can be set-up on difficult terrain, low transport costs and short set-up time. The cranes has a very compact design, ideal for narrow construction sites. Undercarriage with crawler of mobile chassis.

Craneline Duty cycle crane


SENNEBOGEN has over 60 years of experience in the development and construction of Duty Cycle Cranes. The robust design of all the machine components such as uppercarriage, undercarriage, slewing ring and lattice boom are what make the SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crane stand out. The reliable heavy duty machines have operating weights of between 30 and 300 tons and can operate a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic attachments (e.g. dragline buckets, grabs, diaphragm wall grabs, hydraulic casing machines, vibrators, leaders, pile drivers, dynamic ground compactors, crane hooks).


Craneline Crawler Cranes 5500


Crawler Cranes are used for heavy lifting work, for large assemblies in building construction and in the construction of wind turbines. The SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes with lattice boom offers a wide range of benefits: Maximum lifting capacity from 50 to 300 tons. Safe movement with up to 90 % of its maximum load capacity. Cranes with simple self-assembly and cost-effective transport. Very large lifting area in terms of height and reach with adjustable lattice-boom, e.g. luffing jib. High safety for lifting jobs even on rough terrain. Hook height of up to 150 m with maximum boom length. Unique elevating cab giving the operator the optimum view.

Craneline Portcrane


SENNEBOGEN Port Cranes are perfectly aligned for demanding cargo handling tasks in different areas such as ship unloading or container lifting in port terminals or shipyards. Robust undercarriages with crawler or mobile chassis and large outrigger area guarantee high levels of stability for all lifting work. The maritime paint finish offers very good corrosion protection for the maritime usage. The spacious port cabs enable ideal ergonomics and perfect sight into the ship with flexibly adjustable telescopic cab elevations. Pylon elevation up to 15 m is also available. Lifting capacity from 84-125 ton.